IMANI offers high-quality academic support programs to all students in the Montclair Public Schools. These programs are designed to help level the playing field for students of color in grades K-12 by:

  • Strengthening core skills
  • Providing the support necessary to excel in Honors, High Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes
  • Expanding awareness of educational opportunities beyond high school
  • Offering guidance through the college admissions process

In a town where almost every element of your child's educational success is nuanced and multi-layered, IMANI is vital.  Invaluable guidance and support--including reading programs, tutoring and SAT prep--have made them my go-to source from primary through secondary school.

– Ylonda Gault-Caviness, Parent of MHS Class of 2016 graduate who participated in Transition to 9th Grade,
Study Group, and College Advocacy Center programs

Learn about our programs for students at every grade level:

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