SAT Prep

 Learn concepts and tips that can boost your confidence and raise your scores!

IMANI offers SAT Test Prep at a reduced cost for juniors and seniors in partnership with Revolution Prep. This intensive program of classes, practice exams, and homework assignments helps prepare students to take the redesigned SAT test, which was offered for the first time in the spring of 2016.

Our partner Revolution Prep has earned a reputation for providing highly effective yet affordable test preparation by helping each student gain a strong grasp of key academic concepts and learn test-taking strategies and techniques that can increase their scores.


Many students who complete the IMANI SAT Prep course and required homework have increased their scores by as much as 200 points!

IMANI offers SAT Prep in the spring and summer. Learn more

The Value of SAT Test Prep

The small group classes introduce students to test-taking skills and strategies in the areas of MathReading and Essay Writing. The assigned homework and timed practice tests improve skills, build confidence, and increase familiarity with the test format and types of questions. And keeping up with SAT prep can significantly raise test scores. Students who attend IMANI test prep classes regularly and follow-up with homework assignments have improved their scores by as much as 200 points!


“My SAT Prep tutor’s optimism and reassurance gave me enough confidence in myself and my academic abilities to show the SAT who is boss.”

– Tara, Howard University, Class of 2020

IMANI offers SAT Prep in the spring and summer.

Since experience has shown that students do better on exams when tested shortly after preparation, students who enroll in IMANI test-prep courses are required to register for the exam date closest to the end of the spring or summer SAT test prep session.


Spring SAT Prep is open only to juniors recommended by their guidance counselor.

Classes start in March to prepare students for the June SAT exam.


Summer SAT Prep is open to any rising junior or senior.

Classes start in July to prepare students for the October SAT exam.