Our Funders

IMANI is grateful for the generous support of our funders who share our commitment to helping minority students achieve academically.

Bestfoods Educational Foundation

Community Foundation of New JerseyBestfoods Educational Foundation, which has sponsored the IMANI College Advocacy Center since 2004, supports non-profit educational organizations that have shown success in building academic or literary skills that can improve future opportunities for minorities and/or low-income families. After the foundation was dissolved in 2009, Bestfoods continued to support IMANI through the Community Foundation of New Jersey.

In 2014, retired Bestfoods VP Luis Schuchinski and his wife Vivian, who spent her career as a social worker in the Montclair Public Schools, presented the first IMANI Bestfoods Foundation Scholarships to help two graduating seniors continue their education after high school.


Montclair Public Schools

The Montclair Public School District features an award-winning magnet program for grades K-8 and an academically challenging high school for grades 9-12 that includes distinctive small learning communities, a ninth-grade academy, and more than 25 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our schools serve over 6,700 students from diverse backgrounds.

IMANI works closely with district administrators, guidance counselors, and instructional staff to implement educational support programs and strategies to help Montclair public school students get the support they need to excel and stay engaged in learning.

We have been honored to receive in-kind support from:

Ibis Network

We would also like to thank our generous donors: