20th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser

This was a wonderful evening, a combination of a celebration and a successful fundraiser.  People who have been associated with IMANI for 20 years — young and old, volunteers and students, old hands and newcomers — all laughed, greeted one another, and reminisced about how this great organization came into being.

Many, many thanks to everyone who attended, or who contributed in any way. We are so grateful.

Sponsors of the 20th Anniversary Fundraiser

Valedictorian ($5,000 or more)
Rose Cali
Ken & Ellen Colton

Salutatorian ($2,500 or more)
JoAnn and John McCullough
Faber Daeufer & Itrato
Josh & Judy Weston

Dean’s List ($1,000 or more)
Deborah Ellis & Hal Strelnick
Evelyn Gay
Andrew & Wendy Lacey
James S. & Gretchen Rubin
Jon Rosenhein & Ellen Lovitz
Luis & Vivian Schuchinski
Erika Sims / Jasmine & Monique McCullough
Paul & Michelle Sionas
Leonard & Susan Weintraub
Sue Young & Jean Armstrong

Honor Roll ($500 or more)
Robin Abramowitz
Pat Berry & Mitch Heisler
Nedra Clark
George Kendall & Tanya Coke
Corrine F. & Daniel H. Connor
Florence & Victor Demming
Yolanda Gault Caviness
Sena Messer & Andrew Gutelle
Maritza Guzmán & Steven Abrahamson
Cheryl Hall
Patrick E. Shrout & Jane Hanson
Deborah Hirsch
Alfred & Rosemary Iverson
Christopher Kovel & Leeta Jordan
Barbara Reisman & Eric Scherzer
Alix Ross & Ted Kastner
Jane & Michael Schwartzberg
Teacher’s College of Montclair
Shawn & David Troutt
Karen Vrotsos
Lois Whipple / Margaret Whitsett

Pictures from the Night