IMANI Website Launched

April 12, 2010 — IMANI (Improving Montclair Achievement Network Initiative), a non-profit community organization dedicated to promoting high achievement for all students in the Montclair Public Schools, has launched a completely re-designed website.

The new website,, contains comprehensive information about all of IMANI’s educational support programs for students in grades K-12 as well as:
Background about the organization’s history and leadership
Profiles of IMANI funders and program partners
Current news and announcements
Information about volunteer and employment opportunities
Program registration forms
Links to resources that expand educational opportunity and support student achievement
Visitors to the site will also be able to make secure online donations to help IMANI deliver on its commitment to meeting the needs of the many deserving students who benefit from its programs and services.

“The academic support we have given students over the past 11 years has translated into real improvement in the classroom,” said JoAnn McCullough, executive director of IMANI. “We have seen so many students who were struggling with reading, writing, and basic math get the boost they need to handle the rigor of high honors coursework.”

McCullough stressed that IMANI would not be able to fulfill its mission without the support of its donors. “And in light of recent cuts in state funding to the Montclair School District,” she added, “that support is more critical than ever. We hope the new website will help our friends in the community as well as foundations and other funders gain a better understanding of the work we do.”

The new IMANI website was designed and produced by Sue Young of the Ibis Network. Young designed the award-winning website for the Montclair School District which, in 2007 and 2010, was named “Best School Website in New Jersey” by the New Jersey School Boards Association. Young has also designed, maintained, and hosted websites for New York City and State government agencies, non-profit associations, and small businesses.

Sena Messer, a volunteer essay coach and trainer with the IMANI College Advocacy Center, developed the content for the new IMANI website. A freelance writer specializing in consumer health and patient education, Messer has created interactive and video content for major pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, and non-profit organizations.

Corinne Connor, a professional graphic designer and longtime IMANI volunteer, also consulted on the design of the IMANI website.

The consultants worked closely with McCullough to create a site that would be easy to navigate, enabling Montclair families to stay informed about educational issues affecting students at every grade level and to learn more about the college planning process.

“A lot of people ask who we are and what we do,” McCullough explained. “The website describes each of our programs and services and allows us to connect with a larger community. It is a vital communications tool for us.”

The new website will streamline IMANI’s program enrollment process. Students and parents will be able to download registration forms, instead of waiting to receive them by mail.

“It’s a much more efficient system that will make it easier to sign up for our elementary and middle school programs, study groups, and SAT Prep courses,” said McCullough. “Our goal is to get information out more quickly so that people will know what we offer and how they can get involved.”

The website will further enhance efficiency by giving IMANI the ability to communicate timely updates and reminders about upcoming programs, events and activities. Future plans include the addition of video clips of IMANI programs as well as a photo gallery.