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IMANI Celebrates 10th Anniversary

June 8, 2009 — Parents, students, educators, community leaders, volunteers, and honored guests filled the Montclair High School atrium on Sunday, June 7th to celebrate IMANI’s success in improving minority student achievement. Tributes from Superintendant of Schools Dr. Frank Alvarez, his predecessor, Dr. Michael Osnato, and Senator Nia Gill underscored the tremendous progress that has been made over the past decade in closing the achievement gap between minority students and white students.

Testimonials from two graduating seniors, a MHS alum now entering her senior year at Carnegie Mellon University, a parent, and special guest Clifford Thornton, Associate Dean of Admission at Wesleyan University, reinforced the remarkable results that can be achieved when students receive consistent and individualized support through study groups, SAT prep, and one-on-one college counseling.

Executive Director JoAnn McCullough expressed her profound appreciation to the partners, funders, trustees, advisory board members, staff and volunteers who make the work of IMANI possible.